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 Word = المَكِيْدُوْنَ


 Word meaning

  those who are subjected to a conspiracy or a plot. plu. of w. v. كَيْدٌ


  act. pic. m. plu.


  ك ى د

 Other words with same root


  أَكِيْدُ -   الكَيْدُ -   كَادَ يَكِيْدُ كَيْداً -   كَيْداً -   كَيْدٌ -   كِدْنَا -   كِدْنَا -ل- -   كِيْدُوْا -   كِيْدُوْنِ -   لَأَكِيْدَنَّ -   يَكِيْدُوْنَ -


  أَمْ يُرِيدُونَ كَيْدًا فَالَّذِينَ كَفَرُوا هُمُ الْمَكِيدُونَ

 Ayah meaning

  Or do they intend a plot (against thee)? But those who defy Allah are themselves involved in a Plot!  [52:42]


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